Commissioning Professional Exams 2014

Commissioning Professional Exams ExamFOCUS Study Notes on Commissioning Process & Planning 2014
for candidates taking these exams: CxA, CBCP, CCP, CxP

This book focuses on the knowledge domain of commissioning process and planning. This knowledge domain is an important one that can be found in all of the commissioning professional exams. Generally speaking, you should:

– know the different roles and responsibilities in the entire commissioning process.
– know the deliverables to be expected at each stage or phase.
– know how to maintain objectivity under different arrangements.

Different exam bodies may have slightly different terminologies and methodologies for the commissioning activities. However, the overall guiding principles and applications are almost always the same. This book focuses on vendor neutral commissioning knowledge. Depending on the exam you take, vendor specific information may be tested. You should therefore prepare accordingly.

Book TOC: PRINTEDCommissioning-2014UPDTOC


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